Holiday Claims.

Has something gone wrong on your holiday?

Going on holiday is a great experience for you and your family, and it’s the ideal way to take a break and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. However, what happens if something goes wrong?

Every year thousands of people are affected by an illness, injury or problem when they are on holiday. This not only causes personal upset but it can also ruin the rest of your holiday. If something goes wrong when you are away, or you were misled when making your booking, you could be entitled to compensation.

Who Can Make a Claim for Holiday Compensation?

If something goes wrong when you are on holiday or you fall ill you may be entitled to claim holiday compensation. The type of accident or problem that can occur when you are away can vary significantly but the team at Lewis & Co. will be able to offer professional advice as to whether or not you are able to make a holiday claim. Generally, holiday claims can be made if:

  • You fall ill on holiday caused by negligence, such as food poisoning
  • You suffer an injury on holiday caused by negligence, such as poor repair work or maintenance, or from health and safety guidelines not being followed whilst on a trip
  • The accommodation you booked was unsatisfactory
  • You were misled when making the booking
  • You are involved in a road traffic accident abroad and were not at fault

There are many other problems that can occur on holiday which may entitle you to make a claim for holiday compensation. Speak to an expert at Lewis & Co. for more information related to your specific case.

How Much Compensation Can Be Claimed?

If you are successful in making a holiday claim then you will receive compensation which is calculated on an individual basis and covers personal injury, medical expenses, damage to personal belongings, travel expenses and more. The exact amount is calculated based upon the physical, emotional and financial losses you suffered.

How Can Lewis & Co. Help?

Lewis & Co have experience in helping holidaymakers claim compensation for their holiday. We understand the stress and worry that can be caused by a problem on holiday, whether that be an injury or booking error, and work hard to ensure you are awarded the compensation you deserve. If you believe you are entitled to claim holiday compensation get in touch with one of the holiday claims experts at Lewis & Co., they will be able to offer professional help and advice. Contact us today on 0203 781 7810 or via our online contact form.

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