Cycling Accident.

Being a cyclist makes you one of the most vulnerable road users. Are you at risk?

Accidents often happen on UK roads and thousands of people find themselves injured. In fact, over 20,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year, making them one of the most vulnerable road users (source). Cycling accidents are becoming more common due to the increase of dangers on the road. As a cyclist you are at risk of being injured by other road users, faulty roads or obstructions.

If you are injured as a cyclist on the road and you were not at fault, you may be eligible to make a cycling accident claim.

When Can a Cycling Accident Claim Be Made?

If you are injured on the road whilst cycling and were not at fault it is likely that you’ll be able to make a cycling accident claim. Cyclists have legal rights when involved in an accident in the same way pedestrians and drivers do, and so you are eligible to make a claim for any personal injuries as well as damage to your belongings.

How Much Cycling Accident Compensation Can Be Claimed?

The exact amount of cycling accident compensation that can be claimed will depend on the exact damages suffered and it varies on a case by case basis. Compensation is calculated based upon the pain and suffering you experienced as part of a personal injury, psychological damage, medical expenses and financial costs such as the cost to repair or replace your bicycle. One of our cycling accident claim professionals will be able to offer direction as to how much you are likely to be entitled to.

How Can Lewis Solicitors help?

At Lewis Solicitors we use our skills and expertise to help you claim compensation. We understand just how serious a cycling accident can be and the effect it can have, both in the moment and long term. Our dedicated team work hard to achieve results as quickly as possible and we understand that every case is different, so we tailor our approach specifically to your claim. If you want to make a cycling claim, or simply require more information please contact us on 0203 781 7810 or complete our online contact form

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