Commercial Property.

Do you need professional legal help with commercial property?

Commercial property transactions, contracts and leases can be extremely complex and confusing, especially if you are unsure of the finer details surrounding them. Not knowing how commercial property law works can lead to problems and missed deadlines, so it is advised to have a team of commercial property solicitors on board to help.


What is Commercial Property?

A commercial property refers to any property that is used to generate an income or profit, such as a shop, office, restaurant or hotel. The way that commercial property is managed is different to that of private homes and spaces, especially when considering the buying, selling and renting aspect, and so seeking the help of a commercial property solicitor is very important.

What do Commercial Property Solicitors do?

The range of work that a commercial property solicitor can do varies hugely and this is simply because every commercial property case is different and the requirements change; whereas one client may require a commercial property solicitor to assist them with granting a new lease, another may need professional help buying or selling a shop. The key role of a commercial property solicitor is to offer advice on whatever issue is being presented and this includes working on:

  • Commercial development and Investment purchases
  • Granting or taking new commercial property leases
  • Commercial property financing
  • Landlord and Tenant matters such as licences, licences, assignment and surrender.
  • All aspects of licensing law, such as premises licence and variation applications, operating schedules, personal licence applications, transfers and temporary events notices.

How Can Lewis & Co Help?

We provide a range of help and advice to clients and we are dedicated to securing the desired result with as little stress and worry as possible. At Lewis & Co. we understand the professional legal service that is needed by those who require commercial property help, and we work hard to ensure this is received at all times. Our dedicated team work efficiently to ensure all problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

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